marnie ann joyce


Hello, there. I'm a mother of two living in the East Village in New York City. I'm a homeopath, a birth doula, a photographer, and a knitter. I'm lousy with the intros and mostly just trying to have a little resting place for the bits and pieces I have lying around on the internet.

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I have two other blogs which are likely to be utterly uninteresting to most people. One documents living with and learning about ptosis, a condition with which my son was born. I'm documenting our attempts at resolving the situation non-surgically, as well sharing my experiences. When my son was born, I could find nothing of the sort online. Still can't. So maybe this can be useful to someone. The other is a silly blog where I stash all the bits and pieces of insanity that my children spew forth. I imagine someday it might amuse them. Or possibly humiliate them.